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At the end of every day, every week, every month, and every year, warrants are disproportionately represented in the stock market's "top percentage gainer" tables. Bearing in mind that most of these tables don't cover equities trading below $2.00, a very large chunk of the "top gainers" are stock warrants, NOT common stock. Unfortunately, the "top percentage loser" tables are also peppered with stock warrants. How can an investor profit from the superior leverage offered by stock warrants?  

Stockwarrants.com is the internet's only coverage/analysis service for American warrants.  In fact, you won't find better overall coverage of the stock warrant universe in any media. While we refuse to seduce subscribers with unrealistic performance predictions, a quick glimpse at our model portfolio should provide ample evidence that a disciplined approach to warrant investing can produce returns that considerably exceed those of common stock.















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