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  Disregarding strategies that invoke seasonality  in the stock market, what are the best general strategies we've dug up?  Take a look below...

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 The ripples generated by politics and macroeconomic announcements may sometimes obscure broader patterns in the stock market.  These patterns may repeat on a seasonal basis, or occur more sporadically.

Seasonal patterns are anchored in yearly taxation milestones, pension and bonus payments, the quarterly "earnings season", "window-dressing" on the part of fund managers, index-rebalancing periods, possible seasonal psychological effects, production, advertising, and release cycles in industry, and a likely myriad of other factors that are more difficult to pinpoint.

Obviously, one shouldn't expect seasonal patterns to be set in stone...as tax rates and schedules change, so should the associated seasonal effects.  Despite something of a contradiction of the "efficient market hypothesis", though, these patterns do tend to persist and can be taken advantage of...most of the seasonal investment tests you see to the right of the screen have outperformed the general market very significantly on scales as small as a day to as long as 3 months.

Other, non-seasonal, stock market trends manifest on a one-time or infrequent basis.  In such cases, it's important to identify these trends quickly.  Here,  our "daily market summary" alone is worth the price of admission.  You get a view of the last market session that simply isn't available elsewhere.  If a new market trend is fomenting, we're often the first to comment.

There are plenty more "value-added" features.  We suggest you begin with our "spiel" for an overview of the site.

But Does It Work?
Our Portfolios...
  Can you actually profit via all this historical gobbledygook? That is, will looking at historical April data help you make money in the upcoming April? Below are a number of portfolios that test various investment approaches that incorporate seasonality and market trends...some with very impressive results.  The first row below is available for non-members.


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